I received my new phone yesterday.
I’m still struggling to use it.
I’ll finish all the setup and installs soon.
It’s good to have a new phone.




I transferred some money via internet banking on Sunday.
Usually, it should be done immediately.
My bank says the procedure to be completed on Monday.
Sometimes it is instant, sometimes it takes few days.



On Friday night, my friend invited me for home diner.
There are lots of fresh oysters of Normandy!
These are specially ordered.
The best oysters.


La neige

I saw the first snow this year at work!
I run to balcony quickly.
It’s really cold but snow is beautiful.
Outside temperature is -1 degree now.


I’m visiting Denmark.
This is the last overseas trip in 2016.
Then, holiday plan for 2017 is ready.
Travelling is an inspiration.