Plus de 40 jours?

I checked my payslips.
It seems I have more than 40 days of unused annual leave.
When shall I use them?
My schedule is already full until end of July.




La neige

I saw the first snow this year at work!
I run to balcony quickly.
It’s really cold but snow is beautiful.
Outside temperature is -1 degree now.

46 heures

It seems I worked more than 46 hours last week!
We were so busy.
I cannot wait to see my pay slips of September.
I’m on my day off today.


Voyage d’affaire

I had a business trip this month.
I’ve been really busy since beginning of this year.
I have some of day trips, too.
Busy but not bad.


2 ans

It’s been over 2 years since I started my job.
Work is hard.
Recently, I’m tired physically and mentally.
I have doctor’s appointment, today.



I signed a form for annual leave.
My holiday in 2016 is confirmed.
I hope everything to be ok as per planned.
Will see.


La prime

My employer paid me bonus!
A little surprise.
It’s not a big amount but
I appreciate it.



Attestation de travail

I received work certificate called ‘attestation de travail’.
This piece of paper can be used as proof in any occasion.
It’s been almost one year since I started this job and
I’ll continue working here for at least few years.


Mes vacances en décembre

It’s already the last week of November.
There are lots of events coming up in December.
My work is busy, too.
I’m relieved my few days leave is approved in last minutes.