I made a booking with Garuda Indonesia.
I’m travelling with my best school friend.
Get away from cold winter to a warm resort.
This Christmas, I’ll enjoy both winter and summer.



Extrême Orient

My trip to the East was fantastic.
It’s ending now and I’m on the way home.
It’s sad to leave here but I’ll be back next year.
I’m again ready for my life in Europe.



I received my new phone yesterday.
I’m still struggling to use it.
I’ll finish all the setup and installs soon.
It’s good to have a new phone.



I’m visiting Denmark.
This is the last overseas trip in 2016.
Then, holiday plan for 2017 is ready.
Travelling is an inspiration.


Le bateau

I haven’t been on a boat for a while.
Last time, it was in Thailand, Austria, Switzerland and Australia.
I want to go fishing.
Summer is coming.


Mon bagage

I always bring a reasonable sized hand luggage for my trip.
Sometimes it’s a black color or transparent one.
Passport, wallet and a bag.
I’m ready for a trip.