Bureau du gouvernement métropolitain

My paperwork is almost done.
I was at administrative office.
People are waiting since early morning.
I’m receiving an important document, today.



La carte de 10 ans

This summer, I became a French resident.
It is almost equivalent to permanent residency.
I’m going to celebrate this event.
Thank my family, friend and, France.


La carte 2015/2016

I’ve received my ‘carte de sejour’ last week! 🙂
The design has been slightly changed.
Waiting time to get the ticket was approximately 2 hours.
To go to the counter was about 1 hour.


Les timbres fiscaux

I bought ‘les timbre fiscaux’ at “tabac” which is a shop mainly sells cigarette.
I think it’s equivalent to stamp duty.
These are actually size of stamps.
I submitted them at ‘prefecture de police’ to receive my resident permit.

Titre de séjour

I went to immigration office with ‘récépissé’ and ‘timbre fiscal’.
Then, I’ve received my ‘titre de séjour’!!
It’s a credit card sized plastic ID for expats in France.
Waiting time was approximately 50 minutes to get ‘ticket’ then about 30 minutes to go to the counter.


I have an appointment at a consulate next week.
In France, ‘rendez-vous’ must be done in advance in many occasions.
There may be a long waiting time to take a booking.
I’ve made a file for my booking and prepared required documents.

I received ‘récépissé’!

I need to renew my ‘carte de séjour’ because my residential status will expire in June.
Preparation and a long queue can be challenging.
This week, I only work for 4 days and today is my day off to submit the documents.
I hope all will be completed before the summer holiday.