I’ve taken an very important exam last month.
It was difficult but the interview seems to be ok.
I was nervous but it’s all done now.
The result comes in 4 weeks.


Le devoirs

I’ve just done some homework.
I found French language difficult.
I need more studies to obtain higher level.
I continue my French course.


Cours de français

It’ll be a long day, today.
I’m working then going to school.
I hope my French is getting improved.
Education is important.


Le résultat

I received my exam result by post.
I’ve passed!
This is the one of my happiest news of the year.

Les examens

I’ve finished my exams.
These were so difficult for me!
One exam was multiple choice for 29 questions.
Taking exam is stressful.



La convocation

I received a confirmation letter from a school.
It’s for my exam.
It’ll be my first official exam in France.
I wish I can pass the test.



I’ve started studying French language more than 2 years ago.
I was a beginner.
I’m not too sure what is my level, now.
I’d like to take an exam soon.