Maladie matinale

I feel sick.
I’m taking some pills to avoid vomiting.
I may need Vitamin B, folic acid and iron.
Seeing a doctor.


La grossesse?

It seems I’m pregnant.
I can’t believe it.
I have blood test and echography booked.
Will see.

Les kystes

I went to see a dermatologist last month.
Normally, it take 3 to 6 months for the waiting period.
It seems I have a cyst.
The treatment was done.



Prise de sang

I’ve been to blood test few times.
Taking tests in early stage will predict risk of serious sickness.
There is another examination in February.
I hope I’m fine…


Le test sanguin

I’ve done my first blood test in France last month.
The result can be checked on internet.
Doctor may issue a certificate of sick leave.
Too many things happened and my health is bad.




I needed a letter from my home doctor to see a specialist.
With the letter, I made a booking to a specialist at hospital.
The only availability is 6 weeks later.
Waiting time is long.


Mutuelle de santé

I have my health insurance called ‘mutuelle’ through my work.
It covers medicines and hospitalisation.
This system is useful and it can be upgraded by paying extra.
Member of family can be added to the insurance, too.


Le chirurgien-dentiste

I’ve done teeth cleaning at dental clinic.
It’s been 7 months since I had the same treatment last time.
I try to visit dentist twice a year.
Early treatment saves time and money.


Mon médecin traitant

Finally, I’ve chosen a family doctor.
Now, I can be referred to specialists if necessary and I’m relieved.
The clinic is few minutes by foot from where I live and
the doctor seems to be a nice, fun person.
I’ve got my first prescription in France.