I transferred some money via internet banking on Sunday.
Usually, it should be done immediately.
My bank says the procedure to be completed on Monday.
Sometimes it is instant, sometimes it takes few days.



Contestation porteur

I found some suspicious transactions on my bank statement.
It seems my card was used in Paris… but I was not there (and I have my card with me).
The card information was stolen!
I reported the fraud to my bank immediately.


Les chéquiers

I realised that I have 3 checkbooks.
All of them are valid.
Check is useful for paying rent, to doctor and embassy/consulate.
However, some places do not accept personal checks.



April is beautiful season
but…… it’s time to pay tax, too.
Don’t forget your tax return.
I submitted mine on 14th April.


J’ai payé.

I received notice of residential tax on 18th October.
Thank God it’s affordable.
I paid it at taxation office on 20th October.
Living cost in France is not cheap but I think it’s fair.


Taxe d’habitation

I haven’t received notice of residential tax, yet.
Last year, I paid it on 21st October.
There is also tax for ‘TV’.
I’m not too sure how much I’ll pay this year.


Ma carte bancaire

I left my bank card at ATM and I didn’t know!
Fortunately, I used ATM located in the bank so staff telephoned me same day.
For this fact, I always withdraw cash in the bank, never from street.
I should be more careful next time.


Le chéquier

I’ve got a new cheque book.
It’s necessary for my French life.
Mainly, I use it to pay my rent and insurance.
It can be used at clinic, embassy/consulate or to friends… and more.