Maladie matinale

I feel sick.
I’m taking some pills to avoid vomiting.
I may need Vitamin B, folic acid and iron.
Seeing a doctor.


Les kystes

I went to see a dermatologist last month.
Normally, it take 3 to 6 months for the waiting period.
It seems I have a cyst.
The treatment was done.




My flight is delayed (as usual).
Thank God I don’t have any connecting flight nor
something important.
It’s holiday so I’m not in rush… so far.




I’ve taken an very important exam last month.
It was difficult but the interview seems to be ok.
I was nervous but it’s all done now.
The result comes in 4 weeks.

Extrême Orient

My trip to the East was fantastic.
It’s ending now and I’m on the way home.
It’s sad to leave here but I’ll be back next year.
I’m again ready for my life in Europe.


Plus de 40 jours?

I checked my payslips.
It seems I have more than 40 days of unused annual leave.
When shall I use them?
My schedule is already full until end of July.




I received my new phone yesterday.
I’m still struggling to use it.
I’ll finish all the setup and installs soon.
It’s good to have a new phone.